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“Pier601 Creative gave me a full circle introduction to how a firm works.  I constantly use the strategies I learned in Pier601 to create new and innovative ways to reach our audience. In each project or task that I am assigned, I conduct research, develop content, and work with my teammates to produce a polished and complete product - all of which were methods taught in Pier601 Creative. Dr. Persuit and Dr. Bolduc also always encouraged us to be independent and to think outside the box. That approach has stuck with me throughout my career. With the marketplace saturated with information and our target audience inundated with advertisements, it has been my job to push my ideas to higher levels. I am so glad I took Pier601 Creative. It has helped me understand how to tackle projects, practice divergent thinking, and work with others.”

Stephanie Spencer ǀ Marketing Specialist at TSI Healthcare

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“Pier 601 was instrumental in preparing me for my current career. Gaining hands on experience working with clients allowed me to step into my current role with skills in problem solving, creative design, writing, planning, and more. Understanding my audience and handling client feedback are crucial real world tools and I still utilize the concepts I learned today. As a video producer I am often pulled into working on projects with web designers, graphic designers, writers and social media managers so learning how to work outside of my field was something I am extremely thankful Pier 601 prepared me for.”

Ryan McPherson ǀ Video Production Specialist at RS&H

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“What makes Pier601 stand out is the amount of personal responsibility we as students were allowed to take. It is a very team-driven course where the team itself share a collective goal and communicate how to best reach those goals. I loved Pier601 because I was surrounded by other individuals like me, who also LOVED what they did. Each one of us had something special to bring to the table and we always played on our strengths, while still learning new things from those in our team with a different specialty. I really developed a lot during the year I was with Pier601. I grew because the assignments, professors and the team motivated me to do more, to effectively use my skills, to grow as a team member and a leader”

Olivia Nilsson ǀ Style Intern at Julia Von Boehm

"One of my favorite opportunities while being a student in the Communication Studies Department was participating in Pier601 Creative. Prior to joining Pier601, I took IMC I & II and Advertising I & II, so being able to apply what I learned in those classes and work on accounts with clients was an amazing experience! I loved having the opportunity to work on different projects and work with different team members. Having Pier601 on my resume really set me apart from the crowd when applying to graduate school and applying for jobs. I was able to say that I presented to clients, worked on multiple teams, strategized, planned, and implemented campaigns, websites, etc. How many people are able to say that they had that kind of experience in college, let alone from a class!"

Kyndall DySard ǀ Marketing Consultant at Reunion Marketing

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“Pier601 provided me the opportunity to work with a group of talented, creative individuals on a number of projects in a real-world setting. As a videographer, graphic designer, web developer, and most importantly a communicator, Pier601 provided an outlet for creative thinking and encouraged the communication of ideas. It further opened my eyes to the fact that trusting the creative process is essential. Pier601 helped me to understand that I should never rush into a creative decision but instead let it simmer. The intention is not just to make cool stuff, but also to find a solution to a problem and to do so effectively. I will be the first to admit that during my time in Pier601, I said to myself, "This is preparing me for life in the real world." I was wrong. Pier601 is the real world…. One thing that Pier601 did for me is force me to adapt, learn, and improve my abilities wherever possible. Pier601 is a cornerstone in who I am now as a professional and lifelong learner.”

Ben Yerby ǀ Interactive Media Graduate Student at Elon University

“Looking back at my time in Pier601, I see clearly the foundation that was being built for my career. I recognize that this was a unique and valuable opportunity to be in a professional environment with peers with different specializations from videographers, graphic designers to producer. As one is expected when hired for a post-graduate position, as an Account Executive at Pier601 I was able to act with authority and work with team members committed to doing the best work possible under whatever circumstances arose. This is something other groups or class environments can rarely replicate since Pier601 allows you to work with a realistic pace. Working in a team with the goal of providing recommendations and creating solutions like promotional videos and designs was the accumulation of what I'd learned over the course of classes and internships which made this a truly applied learning experience. Pier601 prepared me for professional situations I've dealt with ever since and also further instilled the importance of asserting my expertise as a communicator and marketer while putting the client's needs first. This was seen from the beginning to the end of my semester at Pier601- from creating goals, strategizing, executing each part and presenting to clients. Working on these projects allowed me to interact not only with my team, but our clients, their partners, volunteer participants, and people who were positively affected by our results. I'd recommend anyone who is driven and ready to be challenged professionally to join Pier601!”

Laura Rojas ǀ Marketing Consultant at Reunion Marketing

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