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This paddle slot allows users to set out into the water in a prone position with a paddle secured in the board, then simply stand up and remove the paddle when they have reached their destination. Water sports just got even better.

Prone 2 Paddle is a paddleboard company based in Wilmington, NC using innovative design to create a better paddleboarding experience. How? Simple, P2P handcrafts high-quality boards that include a paddle slot in the center of the board.  


The p2p banks channel board

our work

Pier601 worked alongside P2P to successfully launch several social media accounts in the Spring of 2015.

Our team worked to put together a social media calendar for P2P, and posts were strategically planned to be as effective as possible.

P2P's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were then maintained and updated regularly using management programs such as Hootsuite and Latergramme.


In the Fall of 2015, Pier601 worked on some promotional materials for P2P, including a post card, a press kit, and a poster. The post card and poster were created to promote the first ever P2P time trial races taking place in multiple cities across America.


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