Spring 2015 Team


Our Advisors

Dr. Jeanne Persuit

Dr. Jeanne Persuit

Jeanne M. Persuit (Ph.D., Duquesne University, 2009) teaches courses in integrated marketing communication (IMC), public relations, advertising, rhetorical theory, and communication ethics at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Before returning to Duquesne University for her Ph.D., Dr. Persuit worked in IMC in the consulting engineering field and was a marketing communications manager for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. While a doctoral student at Duquesne, Dr. Persuit helped pilot the IMC Commission - a group of undergraduate and graduate students who worked on projects for clients on- and off-campus - and she wanted to work with Dr. Bolduc on a similar project at UNCW.

Fun Fact:  "I like to craft. Well, I like to collect crafting supplies and read about crafting.  I could be on Hoarders: Crafting Edition"


Dr. Bill Bolduc

Dr. Bill Bolduc

Bill Bolduc (Ph.D. Mass Communication, Florida State University) is an associate professor of communication studies at UNCW focusing on digital media production and media studies.  As a student of mass communication at his alma mater, Miami University (Ohio), he participated in Laws Hall & Associates, an applied learning program comprised of marketing, art and media students.  That experience contributed to his desire to work with Dr. Persuit in creating a student run agency at UNCW. He is excited to help shepherd this applied learning opportunity for students and hopes to see it grow into a thriving agency in the next few years.

Fun Fact: "I bicycle, surf my kayak, and coach my teenage daughter's soccer team for fun."


Spring 2015 Team

Emily Foulke is a senior at UNCW completing a degree in Communication Studies with a focus on advertising. She plans on returning home to Raleigh, NC after graduation to find a career in marketing or advertising. Emily will use skills gained from her internships and experiences to help create successful campaigns for clients.

Fun Fact: "I collect sea glass because I am convinced it will bring me good luck one day."

Amanda Buckner is a senior at UNCW. Amanda transferred from Tennessee in 2012 to focus on a degree in Communication Studies. She is concentrating in Public Relations, Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. Amanda is planning to relocate to Raleigh, NC after graduation to pursue a career in marketing and public relations. 
Fun Fact: “ I have been a state ranked bowler.”

Connor Gold is a senior at UNCW majoring in Communication studies with focuses in advertising and marketing.  Connor also minors in Spanish. After graduation, he hopes to join an advertising agency that is involved in the sports industry, preferably copywriting and doing creative work. Eventually, Connor plans to work for the surfing industry doing advertising and marketing work as well.

Fun Fact: I have been surfing for over 12 years and have been to Mexico 5 times, Costa Rica, Panama, and Puerto Rico twice.

Travis Plummer is a senior at UNCW majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Digital Media. Travis plans to DJ on a cruise line after graduating. He wants to travel the world and engage in as many cultures as possible. Travis will incorporate his past real world experiences with textbook strategies to produce the best product possible.

Fun Fact:  “I am a foodie and a music lover. I am also obsessed with Bikram Hot Yoga. Namaste”




Patrick Wagner is a senior Communication Studies major, focusing on advertising and integrated marketing communication, and a journalism minor. He will graduate in December 2015 and plans to attend graduate school. Patrick is currently the editor-in-chief of UNCW’s student newspaper, The Seahawk. After graduate school, Patrick will pursue a career in sports marketing or brand management.  
Fun Fact: I was born on Thanksgiving!

Anna Joy Zima is senior majoring in Communication Studies with a focus on Public Relations and IMC. After graduation, Anna Joy plans to do Public Relations for a non-profit organization. She is one of the Inductions Chairs for the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Studies Society and enjoys volunteering in her community.  
Fun Fact: ASL is my favorite language and while I do know quite a bit, I hope to be fluent one day.

Tiffany Capps is a senior at UNCW majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Communication Research. She hopes to stay in Wilmington, NC to join a pharmaceutical company as a project coordinator.  Tiffany plans to apply her interpersonal skills and research experience to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fun Fact: “I have six sisters and my cat sends them birthday cards.”