if you build it...

The Miracle League of Wilmington is the local branch of a nationwide non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a place for children with disabilities to play baseball together. 

"We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities.

What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and

benefits that come from playing our National pastime– baseball."

our work

Pier601 had a great time working alongside The Miracle League of Wilmington on multiple projects in 2015. The team created a 30 second "Thanksgiving" video that The Miracle League sent out to local donors to show appreciation over the holidays. A longer video was made to help emphasize how large of a difference donors were making in children's lives through their charity. 

In order to make these videos, Pier601 sent out a video team to the Saturday morning Miracle League games on multiple occasions. The team described it as an experience they would  never forget, and a project they were honored to be a part of.